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Balloon Inflation and Measurement System

Balloon Inflation and Measurement System

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Hydrogen or Helium

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Dual Cylinder Fittings

H2 or He Compatible

EdgeFlyte's BIMS is compatible with the two primary lifting gasses for High Altitude Balloon research.

CGA 350 - Hydrogen
CGA 580- Helium

Quick Connect Manifold

Quick Connect Filler

Quickly attach/detach your balloon from your cylinder to increase safety, maneuverability, and measurement.

The built in carabiner enables flexibility of attaching a ballast or scale for easy fill measurement.

Prevent Fly-Aways

Designed for Success

Unlike comparable solutions, EdgeFlyte's BIMS is designed to prevent balloons from slipping from the filling unit when filling.

Conquer the skies with equipment that will never let you down!