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HAB Educational Kit

HAB Educational Kit

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Hydrogen or Helium

Experience the thrill of space exploration with this awesome educational kit. You can launch your own high-altitude balloon into the atmosphere and near space and collect data from various sensors in no time at all! This kit includes the options between our extra small, small, medium, and large sizes.

Extra Small: 200 G Ballon and 36-inch Parachute

Small: 400 G Ballon and 48-inch Parachute

Medium: 600 G Balloon and 60-inch Parachute

Large: 800 G Balloon and 72-inch Parachute

Each kit contains

  • Basic Flight Computer,
  • Basic Ground Station,
  • Rocketry and Weather Balloon Parachute
  • A Choice of a Helium and Hydrogen Inflator and Measurement System
  • High Altitude Balloon
  • Tarp
  • Zip ties
  • Flight Train Cord
  • Flight Tape
  • Carrying Case

You will also get educational materials that will help you plan, execute, and analyze your mission. It is the best solution in one to get a class or newcomers into high-altitude ballooning. A great opportunity for students to have hands-on learning. With our kit, you get live data and tracking. No need to wait around for the flight to be over. From launching the balloon to recovery, Edgeflyte makes it easy to get involved. This kit is easy to use and a great way to have fun; it is suitable for students, hobbyists, and anyone who loves space exploration. Order now and get ready to soar!

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